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irst batches.The Shiite people reached the▓ rebel-held town of Rashideen, while the rebels reached the government-controlled Ramouseh crossing in Alepp

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o.Both convoys were set to leave▓ to their respective destinations, before the rebels i▓n Rashideen held the convoy of the Shiite people, addin▓g new demands to the original deal.The rebel convoy was also stuck at Ramouseh, amid reports th▓at communications were underway to continue the implementation of the deal.A source told Xinhua on▓ condition of anonymity that the rebels▓' new demand was the evacuation of the Shiite fighters first from Kafraya and Foa, be▓fore the civilians.But the demand was rejected as there is a fear that if the Shiite fighters,


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first▓ the rebels could attack the towns and commit massacres there.Now, there is a state of ex▓treme dismay among the evacuees from Kafraya and Foa.An eye witness from those waiting in Rashideen told Xinhua that three people with medical conditions died while waitin▓g, before the explosion.He added that three women gave birth inside the busses ami▓d tough humanitarian situation as those people have▓ been waiting there for 24 hours without enough food o▓r water.Please scan the QR Code to follow u▓s on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code t▓o follow us o

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atResidents in Luotuowan village have a busy winter this year. They are building new houses and new r▓oads, a scene never seen in these parts before.Xi's villag▓e tours assure pove

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rty reductionXi's village ▓tours assure poverty reduction12-28-2016 19:41 BJTBE▓IJING, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Residents in Luotuow▓an village have a busy winter this year. They are bui

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lding new houses ▓and new roads, a scene never seen in these part▓s before."In past winters, elders just squatte▓d at their house gates to enjoy sunshine with hands buried in sleeve

Aleppo province.In retur▓n, the government will a llow rebels and their fa milies to le ave the rebel-held t owns of Madaya and Zaba▓dan i in northern Damascus to reach Id lib provin ce.T▓he evacuation started on Friday, w ith 5,000 Shii te people leaving Kafaraya and Foa a nd 2,▓300 rebels an d their families l eaving the town of Madaya as f 耒阳市wap 天津市wap 松滋市5G 南乐县5G 通江县5G 微山县wap 河南wap 柏乡县wap 通江县5G 松阳县5G 名山县5G 汤阴县5G 通许县5G 嘉祥县5G 盐边县5G 丰镇市5G 高阳县wap 祁东县5G 蒙山县wap 屏山县5G 最超变热血传奇私服 热血传奇私服1.80 神梦传奇私服 2019最新传奇私服发布网 手机版传奇私服下载 变态传奇私服新服网 手机传奇私服怎么开 传奇私服怎么开服 传奇私服读不出列表 电信传奇私服合击版